Aaron's Blog, podcast editionThe never-before-told story of my podcasting misadventure (plus a podcast episode)
Aaron Bergman on the Narratives Podcast: EA, career, and moreListen now (50 min) | Hear EA Georgetown member Aaron Bergman's recent interview as a guest on the Narratives Podcast! During the show, host Will Jarvis…
Note: this is the post I referred to at the top of my previous post, Hip hop reviews. Consider making that a palette cleanser for this, uh, more serious…
I become an art critic
Anti-disclaimer: this is not an ad for Google. Feel free to use DuckDuckGo or whatever floats your boat. Intro I’ve noticed a peculiar pattern in my…
No, I don't want to either.
Bringing the Great Deficits Debate down to Earth.
Introducing All GoodListen now (35 sec) | Welcome to All Good, a show by Georgetown Effective Altruism.
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