Aaron's Blog, podcast editionThe never-before-told story of my podcasting misadventure (plus a podcast episode)
Aaron Bergman on the Narratives Podcast: EA, career, and moreListen now (50 min) | Hear EA Georgetown member Aaron Bergman's recent interview as a guest on the Narratives Podcast! During the show, host Will Jarvis…
Note: this is the post I referred to at the top of my previous post, Hip hop reviews. Consider making that a palette cleanser for this, uh, more serious…
I become an art critic
Anti-disclaimer: this is not an ad for Google. Feel free to use DuckDuckGo or whatever floats your boat. Intro I’ve noticed a peculiar pattern in my…
No, I don't want to either.
Bringing the Great Deficits Debate down to Earth.
Introducing All GoodListen now (35 sec) | Welcome to All Good, a show by Georgetown Effective Altruism.
On decoupling hiring from payment
Career advice from someone who's never had a real job
The controversial new Alzheimer's drug probably doesn't work and represents everything that's wrong with science. The FDA was right to approve it.
Can we stop treating children with such contempt?